Miles Across America Series

The Miles Across America Series brings history to life in a fun and engaging way for readers ages 6-9 with stories of events and people in history told through the eyes of Miles, the adventurous cat in order to help them understand the important events and how they shaped the future.

Miles on the Mayflower Grab your map! Miles, the adventurous cat is headed to Plymouth and you won’t want to get lost. Miles on the Mayflower invites readers on an adventure, blending the excitement of a trip to Plymouth and the Mayflower II with historical information about the people who were on board and the courage they needed on the long voyage over 400 years ago.

Miles and the Sons and Daughters

Miles and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty You are invited to one of the most exciting parties in American history. Boston. December 16, 1773. Miles and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty helps young readers understand what happened on this important day in history, making it relevant and engaging by telling it through the eyes of Miles, the adventurous cat.

Miles’ First Flight Are you ready for a soaring adventure in aviation history? Miles’ First Flight introduces readers to Wilbur and Orville Wright and the elements of flight helping them understand how dedication and determination led to the historic flight on December 17, 1903.

The Story the Little Christmas Tree Told

When an unexpected visitor invites a pine tree to leave its woodland home to help him grant a family’s Christmas wish, the little tree begins an adventure of sharing and service that allows it to fulfill a long-held wish of its own.