Adventure awaits!

Bringing history to life one adventure at a time.

Miles Across America Series

The Miles Across America stories invite young readers on an adventure, bringing history to life in a fun and engaging way with stories of events and people in history told through the eyes of Miles, the adventurous cat. Grab a book! Adventure awaits!

“What a wonderful way to learn American history…through the eyes of a very adventurous cat!” ~Mary B.

“Don’t miss out on any of Miles’ American history adventures! This book keeps a young audience engaged and will make a fantastic addition to a home library or for a home school lesson.” ~Katy R.

“The Miles Across America books are great for learning history in a fun way. Great for young readers and as a read aloud.” ~Sylvia H.

A little adventure, a little history, a lot of fun.

Reading in the early years sparks curiosity, ignites creativity, and stimulates the imagination in young children.

When children love to read, they can learn anything.

When children have a physical connection to a book, they step into the adventure with the turn of each page.

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